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I am a self-taught mixed media artist from Guatemala. Learning and working are a passion of mine. I see my work as a journey through different backgrounds and experiences, conflicts and relationships that are part of every human being, especially women.


I am interested in situations that leave a mark on us and the mystery of them... How they emerge and how they are reflected in different situations that arise day by day. It is like the awakening of the individual in its essence, showing each of its facets, from the most sublime feelings, to the darker side that is not revealed at first glance. In my work I use the same models. My intent with that is to keep track of the evolution of my characters over time, and how each stage is discovering and taking different challenges relating to each of these stages.


My work is a product of constant experimentation and curiosity, I build figurative and conceptual images through photographs, drawings, objects and collaged images; isolated parts, which together form a whole, showing the essence of what I need to express. For me experimentation is an essential part of my work, I am constantly looking to renew it with different materials. I use multiple channels that include canvas, metal, wood and Plexiglas.