All Religions are one is the first of William Blake’s illuminated manuscripts, representing Blake’s first successful attempt to combine image and text via relief etching. Not only do they serve as a significant milestone in his career by changing the nature of his expression, the philosophy behind his works is inspiration for our show today.


What did Blake mean when he asserted that all religions are one? This statement represents a statement of fundamental principles and views that Blake would hold all his life and is often seen in his work. “The argument Blake puts forward is that every religion, and all sects of philosophy, originated in God’s revelation but that that revelation is then filtered through our human consciousness. Therefore, each creed taken on by humankind adopts a human characteristic that is superimposed with a divine essence.”





“As all men are alike in outward form, so (and with the same infinite variety) all are alike in the Poetic Genius”


International artists are reflecting on the idea of religious beliefs and connectivity between different religions throughout history.  We are including archival images from the British Museum and British Library.


Exhibiting Artists:


Pamela Becker

Siro Carraro

E-L Cartwright

Tom Mc Carthaigh

Geoff Dunlop

Piotr Karpinski

Shavkat Muratov

Benjamin Parker

Pepijn Simon

Curtis Radclyffe

Beata Maria Rzepecka

Andrew Shelley

Mark Sheeky

Richard Walker

The Smartest Project






Please join us for a special special performance "All religions Prayer" by Roxani -Eleni Garefalaki to Arvo Part's song Spiegel I' m Spiegel at our private view on Friday 15th January, 8-9pm at Gabriel Fine Art.

















Gabriel Fine Art, Cottage 2, Old Paradise Yard, 20 Carlisle Lane, Waterloo SE1 7LG

Private View Friday 15 Jan 2016 6-10pm

Show runs 15-30 Jan 2016






Born in 1983, Roxani - Eleni Garefalaki is a Performer, combining singing with physical theatre elements, and stilts. She has performed in all kinds of stages, from ancient Greek theaters to street theater.

She is also a creator performances being a songwriter, lyricist and script writer addressing to different audiences, from children’s theatre to circus cabaret, and from dance theatre to open air stages.

Teaches Tai Chi and Chi Kung (taught by Petros Kouropoulos), emphasizing on their healing and meditative properties.

She has also worked in stage and film production as assistant director, assistant producer, stage assistant, scenery- costume designer and make-up artist.



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