Adele Venter obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art with a major in sculpture at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa.  She completed a photography course at Sait in Calgary, Canada which became her medium of choice.  


Her artwork reflects her sculptural background, using three dimensional miniature objects to build narrative landscapes.  These miniatures are then photographed where three dimensions are translated into two.


Artist about her work: " I studied Fine Art at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa and specialised in sculpture. Creating three dimensional work was the start of my artistic career and I admired the works of the ancients in fresco and high relief. When I immigrated to Canada I was introduced to photography as a fine art medium. I became intrigued by flat art which uses stylistic elements that give the illusion of three dimensions. Fundamentally, my art has been evolving as a meeting ground between three dimensionality and the more minimalistic flat art style, achieved through layering images by flattening and extruding dimensions. Narratives unfold within this new landscape with the thematic focus being on the interplay between people and the social and private environments in which they interact."


"In making the works of art I create patterns which are printed and then I incorporate three dimensional elements into these settings. These images are then photographed using specific light sources in order to accentuate the layering of dimensions. I pay a great deal of attention to detail in the art work which is only visible upon close observation."


"As an artist I would like to share my vision and create a window into a world upon which one can gaze and contemplate. I want my audience to be observant, to see detail and to be aware of their surroundings, but most of all to absorb the vibrancy and energy of the work."