Paintings by


Richard Walker


at Gabriel Fine Art


Friday 23rd - Sunday 31st October 2015


Private Show Friday 23rd October 6-10pm


Artist talk and auction:

Fri 30 oct 6-10pm


One gallery. 3 rooms. A million universes


'Let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes'


Walt Whitman



Richard Walker is a successful British artist working in several media, including painting, printmaking, writing and music.

He studied at three London colleges in the 70s: Kingston, Camberwell and Chelsea and then lectured in printmaking and drawing for several years.


His early inspiration was Pop art and after many visits to the USA he became known for his dramatic cityscapes. In recent years he has tackled more diverse subjects such as the London 7/7 bombings, Obama's election victory and a modern day interpretation of Alice in Wonderland.


His current work is more playful, lyrical and abstracted, but there is always an underlying  darker side. He is also involved in making music: in 2014, he produced an album working with other musicians, made entirely over the internet.


Another röle is that of an architectural tour creator for the 20th Century Society, most recently he has led a group of 20 around Miami


Walker has exhibited internationally and his work is in many public and private collections. His studio is in Bloomsbury, London.




Walker about his exhibition at Gabriel Fine Art: "This show collects together several themes in my work. The layout of the gallery spaces dictate the scale and scope of the different periods and subjects.


One room will be called THIS ENGLAND, THAT ENGLAND and will be cityscapes of London, and will also include pieces from my 7/7 bombings series and a modern reinterpretation of Alice in Wonderland.


Another room will be called ALL GONE TO LOOK FOR AMERICA which will show a major 30-section work  'America is Waiting'  which is 'a road movie' about Obama's journey to be president. There will also be some large cityscapes.


The final room, called A MILLION UNIVERSES is new work from this last year. There will be a series of small abstracts and a set of surreal 'postcards'  which are enlarged, collaged photo pieces."







Fri 30 Oct 6-10pm artist talk and AUCTION


1. 'Colour me Pop' , 30 X 24cm, mixed media and cut out construction on canvas


2. 'Paint it Black' , 30 X 24cm, mixed media and cut out construction on canvas


3. 'No.87' , Mono print, framed,35 X 30cm, Senate House series


4. 'No.98' , Mono print, framed,35 X 30cm, Senate House series


5. 'New York Conversation', Mixed media on canvas, 21 x 21cm, 2014


6. 'Tom of England' , Mixed media on canvas, 18 x 18cm, 2015


7. 'Your Country Blames You', Mixed media on canvas, 43 x 33cm, 2009